Happy New Year!

The world population has passed 7 billion people and rising. We are in a very divided world resulting in unpredictable leaders and governments. Leaders with extreme right wing and left wing political views are being elected because of modern communication systems. It’s quite easy to get a following if one is controversial, the modern word for quick and many followers is viral. Unknowns, wannabe’s and the self promotional are using modern forms of communication to garner for themselves followers which some use to make money, to become a celebrity and to get elected to high office.

Adolf Hitler used communication to turn Germany into a racist war mongering and genocidal nation. Elected to office this small, weak and cowardly man used his brilliant oratorical skills to mesmerise a nation of cultured, educated and successful people. Through the power of words he got Germans to turn on fellow Germans who happened to be Jewish. Through the power of words he started a war that would become a world war less than a generation after the first world war.

It took an equally and possibly a greater communicator, Winston Churchill, to rally, inspire and lead the resistance which in the end defeated Germany. History tell us Adolph Hitler shot himself in a trench where he had been hiding, a coward to the end.

For the church to reach the 7 billion people with the gospel it must take advantage of modern communication systems. Terrestrial radio and TV advanced the propagation of the gospel then came satellite and cable TV which further advanced the propagation of the gospel.

The internet has taken communication to an all new level which is mind blowing. Now we have smart phones and social media where one can communicate with others around the world simply with a device that is held in the palm of our hands.

RRF has now developed a TV and Radio station under the Tropical FM umbrella.

Good News TV (GNTV) and Good News Radio broadcast 24/7 with a mix of preaching, teaching and the best in Christian music. Click here to view GNTV: http://goodnewstv.org.uk/ . We have developed an App so you can listen to Good News Radio at your convenience. Download  for free the app from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Our Platform is the world and our congregation the people.

The Lord’s servant

Lloyd Denny