Notes on in the beginning God

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This Great Salvation

This was their finest hour Convocation 2011


Review of Philippians Feb 2011

Review of the Beatitudes 18.3.2012

An introduction to the epistle to the Colossians 6/3/2011

The Life of Jesus an introduction senior class Week 1 final version April 2012

Jesus both Lord and Christ an introduction. Bible School lesson 3.6.12

Behold I come quickly – July 2012

A review of the epistle to the church at Ephesus 10/7/2012

Jesus both Lord and Christ 1.7.12 WITH QUIZ – Review of the lesson

Sanctification Part 2 15.7.12

Teaching schedule Book of Hebrews August – December 2012

Senior Bible class Hebrews 7 – 14th & 21st October 2012

Acts-Chapter-1 10/3/2013

Acts 1

The book of Acts Chapter 3

Study of the Book of Acts Chapter 9

Acts 10: Notes used in a message titled Seasons – Sunday 2nd June 2013

Acts 15

RRF Luton Senior Bible Class – Acts 25

A Review of the Book of Acts

An Introduction to the Parables of Christ 12.1.2014

An introduction to the Parables of Jesus Christ word document

The Parables of Christ – Wheat and Tares – 26.1.2014

The Parables of Christ –  Wheat and Tares 26.1.2014 – word document

The Parable of the Mustard Seed 2.2.2014

The Parable of the hidden treasure 16.2.2014

The Parable of the Merchant and the goodly pearl

The Parable of the net

The Parables of Christ – humility 11.5.14