A series of teachings and prophetic utterances for 2020.

On 12th January 2020, the church concluded a week of prayer and fasting with our annual day of prayer for Luton. On this day the church invites local dignitaries and leaders to join us as we pray for the town and it’s people. This year we had the chief constable of police, the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire, a deputy Lieutenant of Bedfordshire, the deputy mayor of Luton Town and others. We prayed for the young, for families and organisations and businesses.

Our national theme for the year is: “running with the vision”. That is to make haste, be purposeful, set goals and have a plan.

Things are happening speedily, both for good and for ill. Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Emanuel Macron came from no where to be leaders of their country.

Having a vision is important at all times, this is I believe especially true this year. The best eyesight is referred to as having 20/20 vision. I am washing my eyes regularly with eyesalve that I may see. “Watchman what of the night”? The prophet is asked by God. “I will stand on my watch and look to see what the Lord will say unto me”.

Our theme for the day of prayer for Luton was taken from 3 John: 2, “I wish above all things that you prosper and be in good health even as thy soul prospers”. We prayed and invoked God’s blessings on the church our town and country for 2020.

Look out for weekly lessons and prophetic utterances.