2020 – February to November 2020- detailed chapter by chapter study of the epistles.

Galatians, Ephesians. Philippians, Philemon, 1 Timothy, James and 1st and 2nd Peter.

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2019 – April to June 2019.

APRIL- The call to ministry
April 7th – The Call (Apostle Lloyd Denny)
April 14th – Vindication of the call (Overseer LA Wilson)
April 21st – Qualification (Pastor A Wilson)
April 28th – Appointment (Pastor O Johnson)
Discussion points
  • The Call
  • How are we called? For example, Elijah and Elisha.
  • I am called so what?
  • Who or what vindicates the call?
  • Why is vindication important
  • What are some of the qualifications for ministry?
  • Can I fail to qualify after being called?
  • Signs of qualification
  • Who makes the appointment?
  • Is confirmation necessary?
  • Appointed to what?
5th – Week 1 – Signs of God’s blessings (Evangelist D Stewart)
12th – Week 2 – Things the church must hallow (Pastor O Johnson)
19th- Week 3 – The 7 spirits of God (Overseer LA Wilson)
26th- Week 4 – How to flow in the anointing (Apostle Lloyd Denny)
JUNE – Prayer
2nd – Week 1 – Teach us how to pray (Pastor A Wilson)
9th – Week 2 – faith and prayer (Pastor O Johnson)
16th – Week 3 – you can have what you say? (Evangelist D Stewart)
23rd – Week 4 – Praying in the Spirit (Apostle Lloyd Denny)
30th – Week 5 – Q&A about prayer (LD/LAW)
Discussion points on prayer
Week 1- Teach us how to pray 
  • Why do some people find it hard to pray and some truly enjoy it?
  • Praying alone, corporate prayer and public prayer
  • Different types of prayer
  • How to improve in prayer (length, effectiveness and quality).
  • What next?
Week 2- faith and prayer
  • Principles of prayer
  • What we can learn about prayer from Daniel
Week 3- you can have what you say
  • Is the statement correct?
  • Confession
  • Blockages to prayer
  • What to do if nothing appears to be different after confessing faith.
Week 4- Praying in the Spirit
  • What does this mean
  • How to pray in the Spirit
  • Increase in vocabulary and duration.
Week 5 – Q&A on prayer
  • Things you have always wanted to know about prayer but was afraid to ask.

Junior Sunday Lessons for 2019 

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