Working miracles is to do the ridiculous. Jesus performed a miracle that amazed his disciples. He then said you can do it too by praying then speaking the word. But we must believe with the heart and confess with the mouth but doubt not.

Notice we must say it, that is, speak to the mountain: “Lazarus come forth.” “Damsel, I say, arise”. “Peace, be still .” We say and¬† do many ridiculous things why don’t you believe God for the ridiculous today by believing God for a miracle on behalf of somebody. Remember most miracles in the bible were on behalf of another or the nation.

Before the prophet Elijah, everyone that died was buried and that was the end of the matter. A child, a spouse, a sibling and a parent. We cried, we wept, we mourned. We even asked, why?

One day a poor widow lost her son. She had met Elijah before and thought why should I bury my son let me call for the prophet. She did and the prophet worked a miracle, the boy was raised from the dead. Since then many have been brought back from the dead through the working of a miracle.

Many years ago, my youngest daughter died in our home following a fall. She was still a baby and had just started walking. She climbed up on a bunk bed and fell off. The thud and subsequent cry alerted everyone to her plight. Then it happened, she went limp and there was no sign of life in the little body. Call the ambulance, call for help was the immediate thought. Instead, I picked up my little lifeless baby, prayed a short prayer and spoke the word, live!. Immediately, the chest moved as she exhaled and there followed a sound of crying as when she was born. We then knew she was alive.

Finally, not everyone can receive this but those who will shall do the miraculous.

Read Mark 11:23-24 for the scripture  reference.

Our platform is the world and our congregation the people.

The Lord’s servant.

Lloyd Denny