“The love of money is the root of all evil”.

China is now the second largest economy in the world and is projected that within the next five years it will take over the number one spot from America.

China, a one party state with limited freedom, still communist in ideology and government has enjoyed double digit economic growth for more than a decade and even now with universal slow down, still has healthy economic growth year on year.

When I was in school in the 1970’s the USSR and China were the largest communist blocs in the world. The oppressed of the world sought refuge in the USSR and China because they welcome them with open arms. People from Africa would go for schooling in USSR and were very well looked after. In fact a number of African freedom fighters were educated in the USSR.

China then was a closed society that didn’t let many in or their people out. Those who came to the west were from Hong Kong, then still a British colony.

Both were relatively poor in comparison with western democracies. Both followed a command and control economic system; both had full employment even if that meant inventing jobs for people and both had low wages; the state provided housing and from birth to death welfare system.

There was a short time in the 1970’s and early 1980’s where more than half the world population were under a communist regime. This made the West afraid and did all it could to stop more countries becoming communist so anything that looked too left wing or socialist was a threat. This threat was met with attempts at destabilisation of the country, regime change and even assassination.

State sponsored terror is illegal and would bring a prime minister or president down if they are caught but still it happened because of the threat from communism.

In the end the USSR collapsed and the west breathed a collective sigh of relief. With the collapse came nationalism, western style democracy, market economies and soon afterwards the love of money.

With the love of money has come: prostitution, alcoholism, drug addiction, xenophobia and racism. The people of these former soviet bloc countries have not changed because of genetics or because they feel threatened by outsiders coming in they have changed because of a love of money.

The love of money makes us greedy, selfish, protectionist and evil. We build high walls around our homes not just to be safe from robbers but to keep others out. The rich entertain, they throw lavish parties and are quick to show off what they have so it’s not really about keeping people out, but it is about keeping certain people out. Certain people might include: the poor, lower classes and certain races.

In the case of China, this still communist country, has the taste of money and like it. China has more billionaires than all other countries except the USA. China straddles Africa and the Caribbean with its money buying up resources, land and status in these countries yet more and more people are saying that Chinese people are not friendly and even racist.

China is allowing visitors into mainland China but people especially black people are complaining of racism.

Saudi Arabia and many other wealthy Arab countries are some of the most racist countries in the world and again this is due to the love of money. Before they discovered oil these very poor countries of desert dwellers and nomads were friendly to outsiders. Africans and Arabs got on well as equals but not now. Despite being near neighbours the Arabs treat the African as servants and slaves.

Have you noticed how unwilling these very wealthy Arab countries are to respond to global disasters. Millions have been forced out of Southern Sudan and Yemen but no help from Saudi Arabia. Yet a much poorer country like Kenya has allowed hundreds of thousands of people from Somalia into her country and even look after them.

Donald Trump won the presidency of America with a promise to build a very high wall to keep Mexicans out. Mexico a near neighbour, saddled with debt, corruption and prone to natural disasters is vilified as rapists, bandits and lazy. A caricature designed to make Americans afraid to lose what they believe they have.

America that became a nation through immigration. A people who fled Europe and elsewhere so they could practise their faith, make a new start and get away from persecution were at first very welcoming to all. Note the Statue of Liberty.

As soon as it became prosperous it became nasty. Settlers soon turn on their hosts the Indians, and in quick time almost wiped them out.

The love of money is indeed the root of all evil no wonder Jesus told the rich young ruler to give away his riches to the poor and then come follow him and it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for the rich to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Our platform is the world and our congregation the people. 

The Lord’s servant 

Lloyd Denny