This morning I heard from an atheist that truth is based on facts. Later on in conversation with his child, as he tucked her into bed, the child asked about Jesus. Well he said, mum and dad tell you lovely stories before you go to bed and Jesus is a lovely story but he is not real. We don’t believe in things we cannot see, we are atheists. I suppose I am an atheist said the little girl.

The above narrative is taken from a film based on a true story of how this same mother became a Christian and how her still atheist husband sought to know if Jesus Christ is real.

I won’t address the historicity of Jesus because it should be indisputable based on well known facts from the Bible, Jewish history and Roman history. Any so called historian who refuse to believe that Jesus was a true historical figure is simply a denier. Some people are unwilling to believe despite overwhelming evidence. David Irving a very intelligent man, good historian too, but for reasons best known to him and very few others, denies the Holocaust took place. He even went to court at huge financial and reputational cost to defend his position. He lost.

Is Jesus alive? Is he in heaven? Is he coming back to earth again? Is the Bible truly the word of God?

These are very important questions which as a preacher and teacher I don’t mind answering. If any atheist or agnostic wants to write me about these and other issues of life then please feel free to do so.

Truth cannot, however, be based on facts only. Facts are gathered, are accumulated; based on this reasoning truth must be changeable. Too many people confuse information with truth.

The Bible teaches that truth is the final reality or revelation. This is the reason God is truth.

Scientific truth is a term we use to acknowledge that a certain fact is accepted beyond reasonable doubt. Technically, one cannot say the fact or scientific law is truth but given man’s limitations its as close as we will ever get. Let me give an example or two.

Many years ago it was accepted as truth that swans were white in colour. Therefore, every picture or painting and description depicted swans as white. To say otherwise would be heresy.

Needless to say in time those who postulated that swans were by definition white were wrong. Now the people that lived where there were black swans never knew that their fellow man on the other side of the world had declared that all swans were white.

This is therefore my issue with atheists they base their opinion and conviction on their own knowledge and experiences. The truth about God cannot be based on my facts or the facts of the people whom I live with nor even based on the accepted orthodoxy of the time. Truth transcends people, generation and geography.

It was Jesus who said he was the Way, the Truth and the Life. I believe this statement to be true for I have many facts to support my belief. Truth, however, is far more than facts. There was a time not very long ago that people did not believe in bacteria or germs because they cannot be seen with the naked eye; yet we knew very well that something was wrong with the water and the environment we were in. Sanitation and personal hygiene were developed to prevent sickness, disease and death.

I am sure there was also a time many, many years ago that people did not believe the cat and dog and other animals could see perfectly well in the night.

So, truth cannot be based on facts for this is changeable its more important than mere facts.

Our platform is the world and congregation the people.

The Lord’s servant

Lloyd Denny   

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