Last Saturday (30th March) we had our place of worship rededicated unto the Lord and the community we serve. This took place exactly twenty years since we first dedicated said building after purchasing it in December the year before.

The re-dedication follows extensive refurbishment and beautification of the building that began a few years ago. The works included:Refurbished make and female toilets and a new disabled toilet. It also included refurbished kitchen, external security and upgraded lighting and internal redecoration of the main sanctuary.

The funds were provided by church members and a number of community supporters and friends.

The coinciding of the twenty years with the refurbished works was an opportunity to say thank you to the saints and friends and to commit the building and ourselves unto the Lord.

The theme of the service was: “gathered together unto Him”, taken from Matthew 18.
I wish to once again thank everyone who came to the service: ministers, dignitaries and of course the saints. Twenty  years ago the first dedication was led by Apostle GT Mullings who by the grace of God was able to lead the rededication service.

I ministered from verse 20 of Matthew 18: “for where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them”.
It would not be very long afterwards that Jesus would be arrested and crucified. When he was with them they were confident that any problem would be dealt with: The sickness of Peter’s mother in law; The feeding of the five thousand;The cleansing of lepers, giving sight to the blind; Peter took a step of faith and walked on water for a moment but through doubt he began to sink; he cried out and Jesus rescued him from going under; Jesus even brought Lazarus who had been dead four days back to life.

Now Jesus tells them in the text above that where two or three are gathered together in his name he would be in their midst.

Because he would shortly be killed and later ascend to heaven his being in the midst could only be a reference to the coming of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is therefore the spirit of Christ.

Fifty days after the crucifixion of Jesus the Christ, as the disciples gathered together in that upper room in Jerusalem, the Holy Spirit descended upon them. Jesus was with them as he promised he would.

Throughout the New Testament we read on numerous occasions of the Holy Spirit being in the midst of the two or the three as Jesus said he would.
The healing of the crippled man who sat outside the temple gate begging. Peter and John were together and Jesus was there in the midst to bring healing.

As they prayed together following the threats not to use the name Jesus because of the healing of the crippled man. The Holy Spirit fell once again and empowered them.

Paul and Silas in prison together prayed and sang praises to God and the Lord sent an earthquake which broke down the prison walls and freed the prisoners.

The anointed Jesus did great things in the days of his flesh and continues to do great things in our midst because he said he would be present when we are together be they two or three.

From the examples given and the many others in the book of Acts the reader may notice that the Lord being present in the midst is not confined to the building but anywhere as long as we are in his name.

In conclusion, expect the Lord to be present when we gather together in his name and also expect him to do great things. In the earlier verses in Matthew 18 our Lord told us that together we can bind and loose and heaven would support us in the same. Also, if two agrees in prayer then we can expect heaven to endorse that prayer of agreement.

Our platform is the world and our congregation the people.

The Lord’s servant
Lloyd Denny