This morning I had to engage with officialdom to collect an ID card to enable me to get in and out of premises for a job I do as a board member.
Before leaving out I read again the instructions given to me on what I needed to do to collect my ID.

I arrived with the detailed instructions on my mind and everything went smoothly and effortlessly, I was amazed and very pleased with the outcome; from arriving in a very public and always busy place to leaving with my ID took less than 10 minutes and off I went on my way.

As I walked away with my ID I began to pray first a prayer of repentance and then thankfulness in appreciating that attention to detail is so very important in life. This then gave rise to the title of this blog. A prayer of repentance because I know there have been occasions in the past where I have been frustrated with officialdom or a church member because I did not pay attention to the details.

Arriving at a meeting and not reading the papers in advance and asking questions or making comments which if I had been better prepared would not have happened. Complaining unjustly about something or someone because I had not read the instructions or documents or even the email in advance.

The instructions on getting my ID was carefully written and sent by email. It had the place to go, even a short note on where in the building one had to go, the date and time it could be collected and how one had to bring an ID such as a drivers licence to collect the ID.

As a board member if I were to turn up at one of the offices my position would be enough to eventually get me into the office for in the end I could always call on senior management to vouch for me and let me in. However, the whole point behind the carefully written instructions was to enable ease of access to those with proper business at such offices and keep others who may have ill intent out so having an ID is necessary.

Paying attention to detail is often a major problem in life: in the work place, assembling things, in getting the best use out of devices, equipments and important things like a motor car.

Paying attention to detail is also important when dealing with personal finance, officialdom and with God.

The word of God is general but also very specific. Throughout the holy bible we read how God gave clear and unequivocal instructions on what we are to do. Noah in the construction of the ark; Moses in the building of the Ark of the Covenant, the creation of the priestly attire and also in the working of miracles.

God told Joshua to get the soldiers to march around Jericho seven times on the seventh day; Elisha told Naaman to dip seven times in the river Jordan if he wanted to be cleansed of his leprosy.

The blind man was told by Jesus to go to a certain pool and wash the mud from his eyes. On each and every occasion a miracle was wrought because they paid attention to details.

A true prophet or servant of God who speaks in the name of the Lord is one who respects details. A true word from God must be specific and clear for by this we know God has spoken, it’s then up to the hearer to pay attention to the details.

Today, there are too many speaking generalities as they claim to have a word of wisdom or prophecy and the unsuspecting are charmed into believing God has spoken.

I call upon all of God’s servants, if you believe you have a word from God for a person or a meeting be specific, ask God to give you specifics so your credibility is not in question. I caution the hearers of such messages from God to listen out for specifics and expect the specifics to come to pass and pay attention to the details.

The Lord’s servant
Our platform is the world and congregation the people.
Lloyd Denny