Today, Britain go the polls to elect a new parliament, government and prime minister. 

A large number of those elected will be first time MP’s the majority of whom are hardly known by their local constituents and certainly very few known nationally.

This particular election is the third in five years yet classic British constitution studies say one of the advantages of the British First past the post electoral system is it provides for stable governments.

David Cameron the man who gave Britain the 2016 referendum also gave Britain the fixed term parliament act which is meant to ensure that parliament run to five years unless there are special circumstances for it not to do so.

Last week our church hosted daily prayer meetings on behalf of the UK which ended last Sunday.These prayer meetings were called because of what is at stake. Some of the best known and most capable parliamentarians were expelled from their own parties, changed political parties or decided not to stand for re-election. This means a very large number that will be elected is unknown, untried and in some cases, not up to the job.

The prayer meetings were great, the Holy Spirit helped us to pray for we truly did not know how or what we ought to pray.

Proverbs 21 verse 1 & 2 was given by the Holy Spirit. We also prayed with a common cause for the nation inspired by David’s response to his elder brothers as he talked of taking on in battle the giant, Goliath.

On the third night of the prayer service the Holy Spirit spoke expressly as we read Psalms 127 verses 1 & 2. The Spirit told us clearly what we must do after the election is over.

On Sunday we read, prayed and ministered from Acts 25 and 26. We saw how Paul had to be blinded so he could get insight. The many things he had read and was taught came alive as he saw Jesus in them. We also spoke about his mission to open the eyes of people, turn men from darkness to light and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance amongst those who are sanctified by faith in Jesus Christ.

We concluded on the exchange between Paul and King Agrippa in which the King said Paul almost persuaded him to be a Christian.

The term Christian was not frequently used to describe the followers of Christ. Some used it as an insult but later it was also used by others who saw in these followers the nature of Jesus Christ.

Agrippa probably used the term Christian in a good sense for his language was not antagonistic or dismissive but reflective and seemed persuaded by Paul’s testimony but was at this time unwilling to act.

Britain is at a crossroad because it can move forward, turn left or turn right but it can also go back.

To go forward is perhaps the reason the majority voted to leave the EU in 2016. Turning left is to choose Jeremy Corbin, turning right is to choose Boris Johnson and to go back is to stop Brexit and stay in the EU.

Both potential prime ministers are untried and not well liked by their respective parties. The nation is also divided for neither potential prime minister is liked by the majority yet so much is riding on the new PM and government.

The church must pray and offer to help the new MP’s, government and prime minister. Both potential PM surrounds himself with a small team of advisors who are in the main unseen but very influential. This is dangerous if left like this. I therefore call upon the church to pray for the successful government and PM regularly. Offer to meet and help ministers and most definitely get to know your local MP.

King Saul the first king of Israel did not have what it took to be King. Neither was he God’s choice but the people wanted him.

God helped Saul by giving him a new heart and thus he became a “new man”. Let’s believe that God will give the new PM a new heart. Sadly, Saul lost his way through pride, disobedience and lying.

The second King was David, chosen by God, not perfect but humble, obedient and a pursuer of righteousness.

God save the UK.

Our platform is the world and congregation the people.

The Lord’s servant

Lloyd Denny